Who, What, & Why?

The Poe Underground is a spoken word music project conceived in 2022.


The Poe Underground was founded by poet / musician, D.K. Mckenzie. The idea for the project was to make great music but use spoken word instead of singing. This choice of lead “instrument” allows the music to take on unusual shapes and is far less restrictive than traditional songwriting.

By 2023, D.K. had completed recording and mixing sixteen tracks of music and fashioned them into an album he calls, Neptune: Dreams of Venus.

During this state of finishing the album, D.K. started working on a podcast called Poetry and Piano for a local library. This idea and style of combining poems and music spawned the genesis of turning The Poe Underground into a podcast.

The podcast celebrates poetry and music by joining them. Sometimes the poems are classics from known poets, and other times they are D.K.’s own works.

D.K. hopes to work with other poets and musicians in the future to expand the palate and originality of the music.

At this moment, The Poe Underground is all D.K. Mckenzie, the underground poet.

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With support from music / poetry lovers, the project can grow into something big